Der Prüfungsablauf

How to get the Triple A Premium Professional Nail Technician certificate!


  1. Read carefully through the task.
  2. li>Practice until you can finish 8 nails according to these criteria in 4 hours (not including thumbs).
  3. Register for the exam.
  4. Pay your exam fee by credit card.
  5. You will then receive an exam appointment e.g. Thursday at 11.00.
  6. Then confirm your appointment.
  7. On the agreed day and time, ask someone to take a photo with your mobile phone.
  8. The photo must include: you, your model and a newspaper where you can see the date.
  9. You must also include a photo of your model’s hands in their natural state.
  10. Five minutes before the start of your exam appointment, send these two photos to
  11. Ask someone to send a photo as in point 8 every 30 minutes to document your progress.
  12. After 4 hours, send in your final photo.
  13. Within the next 10 minutes, take another 4 photos: from above, from the front, from the left and from the right and send them to
  14. That’s it.
  15. 200 of 245 possible points must be achieved.